Brewing coffee in Yosemite park

This won't be your average "about us" page that so many are used to reading; why not? It's simply because we're not your average filmmakers. The most important thing to us is not what we do but rather why we do it.


Our films stem from one simple thing; a passion for documenting your special day in a way that's beautiful but most importantly in a way that's real.We care about the little things and simple moments; the things and moments that often mean the most. We know that your story is so much more than one day; your relationship is a journey of growth, patience, sacrifice and it's proof that love prevails at the end of the day. That's what we're about; we want your film to be unique to you, your journey and your love. Your film should be your "why"; a reminder as to why the journey of true love is always worth it. 



 I'll be the first to admit that I never once imagined that I'd find my work in weddings but wow what a journey its been! During all of my weddings I still take a moment to pinch myself; I get to travel the world to celebrate and document two people in love alongside their friends and family!

What am I up to when I'm not being your videographer? Everything coffee. I'm always on the search for the next great cup and I love exploring all of the unique coffee shops near and far. Any recommendations for me? As a bay area native I'm spoiled with a perfect coastline so I take advantage of the great surf, the scenic hikes and all of the local art. I'm often living on the road yet there's nothing like the peace and comfort of this little area that I call home.

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Armin Avila


Hey! I’m Armin. I'm glad you're here to learn more about our journey and the incredible work we get to do here at Fokus Media. The idea of storytelling has always fascinated me. Getting to capture the love and care between two partners/lovers/best friends gives me a feeling like no other. My goal is to create a stamp in time that takes you back to that moment where you so passionately shared that day with your special someone.


If you ever see me without a camera in my hand you will always find me with a great book to read and a nice cup of coffee by my side. That is... if I'm not out traveling of course. I love to travel! I'm an adventurous soul and always looking for the next stop on the map. After traveling all over, I decided that the Bay Area was the best for my style of living. The culture, great scenery and community here allows for constant inspiration and brings so much variety into my life. I never get bored of traveling through the city, hiking it’s tall mountains or going for a morning bike ride. There’s nothing like learning, understanding and experiencing the things and people around you. 

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